Fluid Film Products


Protects all Metals
Lanolin Based
Environmentally friendlier
No Solvents
Stops Rust on Contact
Long Lasting

Protecting your equipment from rust and corrosion  Eureka FLUID FILM products offer powerful corrosion protection for all metals and superior lubrication for all moving parts. They are long lasting, thixotropic liquids and gels that have been used for over 55 years in the highly corrosive marine environment of ships and offshore drilling rigs.

More recently they have been introduced and successfully utilized in the lawn & garden, aviation and automobile industries, as well as providing an environmentally friendlier solution for home maintenance. Facilities where they are used include government, commercial fishing, gas companies, farming, salt, power, and industrial plants.

For more detailed information on container types, sizes, variations, uses and technical data sheets please click this link to be taken to Eureka’s website.